Neurologist services  The price
 Fee for admission of a patient with a referral from a family doctor  4,00 EUR
 Fee for admission of a patient without a referral from a family doctor  35,00 EUR
 Re-admission of the patient for 2 months. without a referral from a GP  12,00 EUR
 Preparation of statements at the patient's request  3,00 EUR
 Infiltrating blockade of deep tissues  3,00 EUR
 Intravenous infusion  4,00 EUR
 Intravenous injection  2,00 EUR
 Intramuscular injection  3,00 EUR
 Referral to the Health and Disability Examination Commission (Completion of Form No. u / 88)  20,00 EUR
 Home visit of a neurologist  40,00 EUR
 Electroencephalography (EEG)  
 Electroencephalography without assignment for adults and children  40,00 EUR
 Electroencephalography in children with sleep  60,00 EUR
 Electroencephalography public services: patient contribution  
Computerized encephalography with biopotential mapping with color images or Electroencephalography with indicated sleep
 in adults with referral
  4,00 EUR
 Electroencephalography for children under 18 with assignment  For free
 Physiotherapy cabinet  
 Physiotherapist consultation (30 min)  15,00 EUR
 SLINGA therapy (30 min)
  15,00 EUR
 NEURAC therapy (45 min)  20,00 EUR
 Individual lesson with a physiotherapist (45-50 min)  15,00 EUR
 Back massage (30 min) 13,00 EUR
 Back massage (40 min)  15,00 EUR
 Neck and collar areas C2-Th7 (25 min)  10,00 EUR
 Back chest and lumbar-lumbar massage (30 min)  10,00 EUR
 Segmental massage (arms, legs, head, etc.)  10,00 EUR
 Bobata therapy with massage elements for babies up to 1 year of age (40 min)  10,00 EUR
 Massage for children from 3 months to 18 years  7,00 - 10,00 EUR
 TEIP therapy, 2-3 or 4-5 zones 7,00 - 10,00 EUR
 TENS  3,50 EUR
 Individual lesson with a physiotherapist at the patient's home  25,00 EUR