Home rehabilitation


Stroke is one of the most life-threatening conditions and diseases, it is immediately followed by malignancies and ischemic heart disease. For many people, a stroke causes a variety of functional disorders and limitations. It is possible to successfully return to life, but the precondition is both timely treatment and care and rehabilitation. These patients are usually treated in hospital and rehabilitation services have already started in hospital.

Rehabilitation after a stroke is the work of a multifunctional team. When discharging a patient from an inpatient treatment institution, the rehabilitating doctor creates a medical rehabilitation plan for a specific patient and issues a referral for receiving rehabilitation services at home.

A significant advantage of home rehabilitation is the patient's presence in the usual environment. Changing circumstances are confusing, and in outpatient rehabilitation, part of the lesson often takes a while to get used to the new environment, which reduces the effectiveness of rehabilitation. In contrast, at home he is in the usual environment and feels safe. It is also easier for specialists to activate the patient's movements in an environment that is familiar to him.

Rehabilitation at home according to the prepared rehabilitation plan is provided by a physiotherapist, physiotherapist's assistant, occupational therapist, audiologist. The task of a physiotherapist is to activate the patient as much as possible: to sit gradually, to vertical, to train to move around and outside the premises, as well as to train the patient's relatives and perform educational work.

The occupational therapist helps to develop self-care skills and daily activities for stroke survivors who are unable to eat, dress or take care of themselves on their own, as well as to help adapt various aids to facilitate daily activities.

The speech therapist, in turn, teaches the patient to speak again, understand what others are saying, train memory and swallowing muscles.

The results depend on the severity of the stroke suffered, the effectiveness of the treatment, the timeliness of the rehabilitation course and the work involved. The patient's own desire to restore functionality and return to normal life is also a very important factor.

According to state funding, the home care rehabilitation program is also available for spinal patients who have undergone various spinal surgeries, as well as after various spinal injuries and fractures, due to which the patient is unable to move and receive rehabilitation in an outpatient clinic.

The medical institution "Neiroprakse" offers a multifunctional rehabilitation program, which includes the work of various specialists, which can be received with state-funded funds and for a fee.