ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY is a safe and painless method of examination, recording the biolectric field of cerebral cortex cells - neurons - in the form of curves. The frequency and amplitude of this curve change in various diseases of the central nervous system.

This method can diagnose various nerve diseases. These tests are of particular importance:

  • in cases of various seizures, convulsions, unconsciousness;
  • for the diagnosis of epilepsy;
  • to investigate the causes of headaches;
  • to determine the functional activity of the brain;
  • in cases of behavioral, attention, language development problems in children, etc.

An examination is needed to confirm the diagnosis, judge the type of epilepsy, evaluate the prognosis and select the most appropriate medication. This test is sometimes performed on patients with sleep disorders. If you notice a change in your electroencephalogram, your doctor may recommend further tests.

Electrodes that record the electrical activity of the brain are attached to the patient's head with a special "cap". The electroencephalogram recording lasts from 20 to 60 minutes.

You must come to the exam after eating, do not drink alcohol for a few days before and on the day of the exam, some medications can affect the results of the exam, so always tell the specialist what medications you have taken.


Patients with disabilities are welcomed on the 1st floor or use a lift with prior notice to the staff.