Inga Lavrenova

Neurologist - algologist, electroencephalography (EEG) specialist

Neurology is the most intense specialty that is actively evolving, there are various subspecialties related to neurology. I also studied electroencephalography - mostly used in epilepsy diagnostics, algology - dealing with patient care with pain.

Andrejs Lavrenovs

Certified physiotherapist

I enjoy watching a person regain his or her ability to move after a variety of illnesses, promoting a quicker recovery. It has a lot to do with being a sports coach, but how to overcome my laziness, fatigue, pain, hopelessness.

Kristīne Livkina

                                       Certified physiotherapist

I chose physiotherapy already during school because I liked the idea that with your own hands and knowledge you can really improve a person's quality of life. As part of our profession, you not only help people get rid of pain and overcome disability problems, but also get feedback that improves you.

Jevģēnija Sokolova

                                       Certified physiotherapist

I chose physiotherapy as my life course quite a long time ago. I first started using it in the field of sports medicine, in the prevention of sports injuries and in improving athletes' health and physical performance in professional sports. Now I work extensively in combined techniques, practicing sports medicine technology in neurology, traumatology and orthopedics. The multifunctional approach is very popular and effective today, so I got additional education, after completing the course in nature recreation, its skills and biomedical techniques are widely used in my daily work.


I enjoy working as a physiotherapist because I have the opportunity to help people in their journey towards health and recovery. I value the well-being of each patient and strive to do everything possible to assist them in returning to a full and active life.

Viktorija Marčenko


Now I realize that my destiny was to get a vocational education in a  profession that gives me the clear pleasure of helping patients. I really enjoy my job, so I want to work and develop, expand my knowledge and help people to become as independent as possible, thereby improving the quality of their health.

Anastasija Artemenko

Certified physiotherapist

Working with a family doctor, I realized how many people have health problems that can be prevented not only through medication but also through physiotherapy that can control pain, prevent disease, or prevent disease. That is why it was decided to study as a physiotherapist to help people promote physical development and recovery, to stay fit and to remain self-reliant for as long as possible to avoid being dependent on others.

Anna Pavlovska

Certified medical assistant


Nadežda Grigore

Certified Nurse