Sling therapy 

Sling therapy or elastic ligament therapy is a physiotherapy method used in the rehabilitation of patients using a special, certified Norwegian REDCORD device.

Who is Sling therapy for?

  •     Children from 7 years of age;
  •     Adults who want to train the musculoskeletal system;
  •     People with acute and chronic joint and back pain;
  •     People with deep muscle disorders;
  •     People with instability and severe muscle imbalance;

The concept of sling therapy includes:

  • diagnostics of functional disability,
  •  treatment,
  •  Neuromuscular activation (NEURAC) - Redcord method, which stimulates the neuromuscular system at the highest level in order to activate the deep muscle system;
  • development of individual gymnastics programs.

With Sling therapy, it is possible to provide the patient with several treatment methods:

  •     relaxation,
  •     improving joint mobility,
  •     traction,
  •     improving motor control,
  •     stabilizing exercises,
  •     stretching exercises
  •     exercises with resistance,
  •     exercises in increasing progression.

How is the therapy performed?

The essence of therapy is to perform exercises without the effects of gravity. Sling therapy uses ties with varying degrees of elasticity and resistance. In elastic ligament therapy, the patient's body is placed in ligaments that provide the physiotherapist's freedom of hand to better guide, adjust, and control the patient's movements. The use of ligaments reduces the load on the body and joints, allowing the patient with less difficulty to assume a painless body position and be active in it. The use of bandages allows for a feeling of relaxation and creates an additional sense of security for the patient.

Classes are held individually